centro tavola elegante_ilpartycolare
I fiori: protagonisti silenziosi di ogni evento. Come scegliere quelli più giusti per te. I consigli di Alberta, floral designer.
9 Marzo 2018
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19 Marzo 2018

The flowers: silent leads of each event. How to choose the ones that are right for you. The advice of Alberta, floral designer.

centro tavola elegante_ilpartycolare

centro tavola elegante_ilpartycolare

An event (wedding, convention, meeting, communion) is made of details and attentions that require the intervention of professionals in different sectors: from catering to photography, from dress to flowers, from music to lights.

Today speaks Alberta, our floral designer born and raised with the passion for flowers that looks like this:

I believe that nature has created each flower as a work of art and with my work I try to convey what they transmit to me, emotions, passion and doses of happiness.

It is not news that in most weddings the organization of the event is taken care of by the future bride. Maybe with the help of mum, sisters and friends.

Cheerful participants of female complicity?
Certainly, convinced followers of extreme perfectionism and it is with them that I like to compare and talk to interpret their tastes and, sometimes, to let them discover sides of the personality they did not know they had.



In the fantasy of all the new wives that interminable day full of emotions is an important test where everything must be impeccable starting from the dress, the party, the place of celebration of religious or civil rite, romantic or carefree.

In each person there is more than one hidden side capable of surprising anyone, it is no wonder that behind a busy career woman or a simple girl, hides a romantic and charming personality.

The flowers are the silent protagonists of your day: they define and enhance the spaces, contribute substantially to the mise en place, accompany the couple and will be present in all your photos so we give them the right importance and we do not neglect the choice and compositions .

From the bouquet, faithful companion of the bride throughout the day, to the preparation for the ceremony of religious or civil form, deserving of a riot of flowers that are imaginative and striking, or extravagant and colorful and then get to the decoration for the reception hall and the importance of the TABLE CENTER.

How to choose the centerpiece of your wedding

You can help with the use of goblets, candlesticks, candles, fabrics, glass risers, baskets with seasonal flowers or more sophisticated varieties with the addition of fruit and vegetables, all chosen according to the style adopted, always following a single line.

There are different styles, fundamental to choose also based on the location:


  • Round decorations with simple flowers such as gerberas, freesias, tulips, rosebuds with pastel shades for classic brides.

  • Natural or rough materials such as containers or wooden logs of rope or wicker as bases for centerpieces and flowers in warm colors such as sunflowers, matricaria, buttercups … or why not the use of aromatic plants such as sage, thyme, lavender for a rustic style.

  • classic wildflowers in tin containers, simple glasses of different sizes or glass jars decorated with ribbons and lace, cotton laces and natural fibers that recall grandma’s kit, all strictly white, the shabby-chic color par excellence but also pastel shades like pink, light blue and green fit perfectly into the romantic atmosphere of style. The choice of this type of center table is not said to be dictated only by budget needs, it is a recommended composition for smaller rooms and smaller tables.

centro tavola elegante_ilpartycolare

  • Minimal is a style based on the essential philosophy, aiming to reduce the structure to the minimum necessary, often using only one type of flower, creating movement games with soft greens like fine gras aspidistria and formium, calla lily, anthurium, hydrangea and tulips. It represents the simplicity suitable for modern brides.

centro tavola elegante_ilpartycolare

So many inspirations and many alternatives, remember that it is not just a set of flowers but represents the essence and your own personality. You will see that choosing will be simpler than what you imagine, just let yourself go to the feelings that transmit you. What will excite you will be the right choice! And as always, I will be at your disposal to guide you and advise you trying to interpret your tastes and your needs to the fullest!