ilPartycolare: la passione per il territorio e l’attenzione alle nuove tendenze
20 Aprile 2018
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29 Maggio 2018

ilPartycolare: passion for the territory and attention to new trends

ilPartycolare is a catering company born in Lombardy but has its roots in one of the most fascinating areas of Italy: Puglia, the birthplace of Chef Alessandro Rausa. Having gained experience in the field of high-class restaurants, becoming head Chef, Alessandro decided in 2006 to found his own company. Inevitably in this new adventure he could not but pay homage to the culture and gastronomy of Salento, in which he took his first steps in the kitchen. For this reason, ilPartycolare cooking combines the typical elements of the Apulian gastronomic tradition with the Lombard influences, in a game of reciprocal contaminations.

Passion for the territory and quality raw materials

From his homeland Chef Alessandro Rausa has brought with him the passion for simple and genuine ingredients, able to transform every recipe into a masterpiece thanks to the high quality of raw materials. A passion that continues to animate him and that over the years has brought him around the Lombardy countryside, looking for producers able to meet his needs (and his palate).

This is how the relationship between ilPartycolare and Marco D’Oggiono factory, whose ham is officially recognized as a typical Lombard product, was born. The company founded by Luigi Spreafico in 1945 continues today to produce its hams with the same procedure and without the addition of preservatives, remaining faithful to the slow artisan philosophy that has made it famous and that has made its hams products sought all over the world.

In the heart of Brianza there is also the Curone valley, where all the goat’s cheeses used for our preparations come from. For centuries a land of high quality cheeses, this area is home to many companies that are dedicated to the production of incomparable goat cheese. The farm we have chosen uses the milk of about fifty goats, all fed with natural and organic fodder: this is the only way to achieve the highest quality standards that have made the fortune of its products. Talking about cheese we can not forget the great tradition of Salento cheese, mainly linked to the processing of cow’s milk. Chef Alessandro Rausa could not but enrich his menu with some of the treasures of apulian gastronomy: burrata and caprese prepared on sight, stracciatella and ricotta, fiordilatte and scamorza.

Research and attention to new trends

ilPartycolare’s menus come from a passionate research of raw materials. The menus are then composed by our staff in close collaboration with the customer, always following what we consider essential guidelines: the choice of dishes that can be prepared directly in the location, the attention to new trends, the perfect meeting between tradition and innovation. If, as we have seen, tradition means the choice of genuine ingredients and love for old recipes, innovation means keeping up with the new cooking methods, the new tools and the evolution of the food experience in general.

A match from which our finger food proposals are born, a concept that has revolutionized the aperitif scene. The finger food provides the preparation of appetizers to eat with your hands, small portions created by winking at food design and ideal to accompany a convivial moment. Some examples? Mozzarell di bufala accompanied by a little frisella (a typical Apulian bread) with cherry tomatoes, small Bavarian with peas and carrots, the cold and decomposed eggplant parmesan, the vegetable ratatouille with Modena balsamic vinegar.

None of this would be possible without a constant research activity: this is why the staff of ilPartycolare periodically meets to review the news of the sector and continually update its offer. It is thanks to these moments that we are able to offer high quality services, always characterized by attention to detail.