Organizzare un matrimonio a Pisa: tre scelte indispensabili
19 Marzo 2018
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20 Aprile 2018

Organize a wedding in Pisa: three essential choices

location menu e fotografo per matrimonio a pisa

Before organizing your wedding in Pisa, there are at least three important choices that you have to make. The success – or not – of the most important event of your life will depend on these choices. The first is of course the venue – needless to explain the importance of the structure that will host the banquet – the second concerns the menu and the last the memories that you will choose to take with you for all your life. Let’s see in detail what we are talking about.

Wedding venues in Pisa

Tuscany is a land full of charm, known all over the world for its breathtaking landscapes, unique hospitality and the flavors of a cuisine closely linked to the territory. The locations for a wedding in Pisa are many, here is a quick selection of villas that might be suitable for your event. Let’s start from Valle di Badia – immersed in the green hills of Pisa, in the province of Pisa and in the town of Buti – an ancient village of the eighteenth century entirely recovered respecting the original rural characteristics and traditional landscape values with the aim of offering tranquility , the colors and flavors of the past. Valle di Badia has a park of over 50,000 square meters equipped with swimming pool, private church, elegantly renovated and furnished apartments available for your guests, and ancient poolside barns that can accommodate up to 200 guests seated indoor.

Another location worth mentioning is surely Villa Rita, a historic mansion in the village of Noce, at the foot of the Monti Pisani. A structure that can accommodate its guests in an intimate and rich in history villa: outside a lush eighteenth-century garden houses roses and a majestic bougainvillea, inside is a succession of rooms, entrances, halls full of frescoes, original floors in terracotta, vaults, antique chandeliers, canvases, antique furniture and ceramics.

Between Pisa and Volterra there is another beautiful location, Pieve de ‘Pitti, which owes its name to the historic Florentine family. Located in the territory of Terricciola, the villa has almost 200 hectares of park 140 meters above sea level, a magnificent area with woods, fields, vineyards and olive groves.

The fourth location for your wedding in Pisa is the Domus Comeliana, a historic home dating back to the nineteenth century and located in the historic center of Pisa, near one of the most famous Italian monuments in the world: the Leaning Tower. The Domus Comeliana is equipped with elegant and refined rooms, suitable for all types of events, as well as two suggestive gardens. The lower garden has a size of about 250 square meters and can accommodate up to 150 people, the upper garden is framed by the medieval walls of the city and measures approximately 110 square meters. The Domus also has a 100 sqm terrace overlooking the famous Piazza dei Miracoli as well as the Tower of Pisa.

The terrace, which rises a few meters above the esplanade overlooking the square, connects the covered and uncovered spaces of the Domus: atrium, hall of Olives, hall of the Walls, upper garden and lower garden.

Wedding in Pisa: a menu for many corners

Once the location is decided, the next step is to choose who will take care of the service and especially what to offer guests. There are wedding caterers in Pisa, but not all of them are able to guarantee a service that will be remembered. An idea for the menu choice is to organize many corner, each dedicated to a product (or a group of products).

For example, if among your friends there are many vegetarians, you may decide to set up a corner dedicated to this type of preparation; if you prefer fish you could devote a corner to raw food or sushi, very nice even the idea of setting up a corner for the embers (with live cooking), for the fried and for the cheeses. Of course you can not miss the desserts: one of the most popular trends in this period is the chocolate fountain, alternatively you can always opt for the classic assortment of friandises.

Wedding in Pisa: a photo is forever

If you have already chosen the most important variables that will make (or not) the fortune of your wedding, you just have to dedicate yourself to the choice of the photographer. This is a decision not to be underestimated, every professional has a particular style, the goal is to select the one that suits your taste best. The photographer we want to recommend is called Spazio 16, the photographer Simone Stefanelli has specialized in ceremonies for many years.

Spazio 16 aims to tell the wedding day with the style of reportage, capturing the special moments and highlighting the emotions that characterize your day: love, joy, humor, tension. The wedding day is a moment of your life full of rites and meanings, those of your wedding are not just beautiful photographs, but stories.